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February 28, 2021
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Viral on Tik-Tok Romania: Banker Quits Job to Do Hand Signature Design Instead

Former bank employee from Cluj county, Romania, 26 years of age, became viral on Tik-Tok Romania and even appeared on prime time TV for his gesture: he decided to quit his job and to do personalized hand signature design instead.

His Tik-Tok account has just beginning to show proper traction, but the trend is visible:

RPD ART Tik Tok account

It all started when Mihai posted on Tik-Tok, just for the fun of the users, his own hand signature and compared this to the others. It became viral and, from then on, users asked him to design their signatures as well.

You must admit he’s quite a hand signature, right? Yet, some of you might ask yourselves…

What do youngsters do when they got their handmade signatures created?

Obviously, they have to learn to replicate the way their signatures were written in the first place. Or, as one of the users said on TV, use that one as a digital signature.

The trend isn’t new at all. While browsing the internet, one can find many platforms and creators who provide such a handmade designed signatures for costs of up to 35 Euros per item. Some are personalized, some are auto-generated by the platforms, but all are nice and desired by the payers.

With RPD ART, one can have its signature created for as less as 5 Euros. Quite a difference, right?

Would you pay to have your own signature designed? Probably not, but the Z generation thinks different.

Is Tik-Tok a proper platform to boost your business in Romania?

It seems so. In fact, according to specialists in communication, Tik-Tok has just outnumbered in users Instagram in Romania:

Infographic - Tik-Tok vs Instagram in Romania
Cristian Manafu blog – Infographic

According to the specialists in communication, Tik-Tok represents a trending channel and a proper communication platform for some industries.

Tik-Tok is beginning to represent a proper platform to promote your business on. Also, people have just started to get rid of the misconceptions about this network. Tik-Tok doesn’t represent a platform for the kids or teenagers exclusively anymore.

In fact, if we study the numbers, we notice that the largest age category of users on Tik-Tok is between 25-34, with 26.27%, followed by 18-24 with 22.36%. Tik-Tok is used by the potential buyers for lots of clients and we have to take advantage of this.

Of course, not all industries would be properly represented on Tik-Tok, but still, there are businesses which would behave surprisingly good on this platform, even when comparing them with other platforms. On the other hand, RPD ART account didn’t start as a business and the account owner’s approach was different – he posted a funny clip, it becomes viral and afterwards the need for these products and for these services was revealed.

Catalin ADAM, digital strategist at TUYA Digital

Ae you planning to start your own business or do you want to promote your existing business? Don’t hesitate to take into consideration Tik-Tok as a potential platform to use it to get to your clients.

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