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October 28, 2021
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USA v. Iran

After the killing of the top Iranian general Qasem Soleimani in an airstrike in Baghdad, Iran swore revenge and threatened America with a military counter strike. In reply, Donald Trump posted on its Twitter page the following message: “Iran never won a war, but never lost a negotiation“. This one is, more than certainly, intended to ask Iran to step forward for negotiations and to calm down the Arab world.

In the end, it might be only a war fought between diplomats, but who knows?

Will the killing of gen Qasem Soleimani escalate the conflict and start a war?

People are already talking about World War III, but Trump has stated he stopped a war through the military airstrike and didn’t have the intention of starting one. On the other hand, the Iranian officials swear revenge and talked about military retaliation.

When comparing the two military powers, it is clear for everybody that the USA has the upper hand; it is so not because the USA is part of a bigger military alliance, namely NATO, but because the Americans have the biggest firepower in the world in terms of military equipment and personnel. On top of that, yes, they are also part of NATO.

Also, according to some sources, Iran doesn’t have nuclear weapons, though Iranians have enriched uranium for more than a decade. Iran was also imposed international economic sanctions and, on top of that, its nuclear enrichment program, which Iran always stated to be used only for civilian purposes, was repeatedly struck by Stuxnet computer virus and the killings of top Iranian nuclear scientists.

It is hard to predict if Iran will actually start a war against the USA, but we think there are little chances for such a thing to happen.

Will the European Union be protected in case of a war?

Even if there are little chances for a war to begin in the future, as a traditional and strategic partner of the USA, European Union should be concerned about its safety. Besides, EU comprises 28 member states, most of them member of NATO, and if a war begins, these countries will be directly involved in fighting Iran and protect the European territories.

Also, within EU there are countries which hosts American defense shields, such as Romania and Poland. Both have active anti-missile shields on their grounds, active and ready to defend the European soil from any threat, including an Iranian attack.

When establishing the anti-missile shield in Romania, in Deveselu village, the Americans officially argued the defense system is for protecting the Europe cities against an Iranian attack, and not set to retaliate in case of a Russian threat. It means the 800 million USD military system should live up to its promises, right?

In any case, war or peace, the European Union countries will fight united for protecting their soil, their troops and their democratic values against any threat.

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