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October 1, 2023
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UNTOLD 2022 Brings over EUR 50 Million to Hosting City

UNTOLD Festival 2022 brought its host city Cluj-Napoca, Romania, millions in profit after registering over 360.000 people that came to the Festival.

One of the biggest music festivals in Romania, UNTOLD, opened to visitors from over 100 nations from 4 to 7 August and this year’s experience exceeded expectations.

The Untold Festival, along with Electric Castle and the Transilvania International Film Festival, contributed to the city of Cluj-Napoca receiving more than 50 million euros in direct and indirect economic benefits, according to the mayor of Cluj-Napoca.

These days, Romania is divided between the seaside and Cluj. We end this festival tonight, while most Romanians remain at the sea, because it is a great part of this country. As we don’t have a sea in Cluj, we had to brand our city for other things that can bring us tourists, Electric Castle, the Festival Transilvania Film International and at the top of the pyramid, Untold. The festivals help us maintain the artistic and tourist dimensions of the city for more than two months.

Emil Boc, mayor of Cluj-Napoca

Untold Festival and other international festivals in Romania bring in exceptional profits every year, being an extraordinary way to encourage Romanian tourism and putting Romania on the global map of music festivals.

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