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March 5, 2024
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Twitter Has Changed Blue Bird Logo to Letter X

Twitter has just changed its blue bird logo into an X. Basically, the communication platform aligns with another company that Elon Musk owns, SpaceX. Not only that, but the billionaire also had set up an AI company, X.AI, and X seems to be the common element of all the companies under his portfolio.

Too much X during the scorching weather outside? Specialists say it’s too much unannounced change all of a sudden. Such brand changing is not done overnight, nor can it be done by tweeting about it.

Elon Musk - new logo for Twitter

It is too much change that the communication platform hasn’t previously announced or prepared. I understand that the brand’s owner wants it to align with his other assets and brands. Still, to change an established logo with an X overnight, without proper communication or preparation, seems suicidal for any brand out there.

There will be two significant problems here from a marketing perspective – the first is the confusion millions of users will have when searching for or opening the app. The bluebird is not there, but they find a letter. Not so bright, as the established Twitter logo was recognizable. The other is that the new logo can be mistaken for all the other logos of the mother company, especially SpaceX. When using the letter X for all the logos and brands of all your companies, without any distinctive element, things get confusing, and it is all at your expense.

Rares Mocanu, Digital Customer Experience Specialist

Elon started a frenzy communication campaign of its own, and he has tweeted numerous times about it since the bluebird disappeared to make sure people understood what had happened.

Elon Musk

Judging by all signals, Musk is trying to create a branding house architecture type for all its companies, similar to Apple, where the famous logo accompanies all the sub-brands

Branded house at Apple
Photo source: The Branding Journal

Notice the keeping of the letter “i” in almost all the sub-brands and the bitten apple’s presence. In this scenario, Musk had better changed Twitter into TweetX, similar to SpaceX, thus justifying the capital X he intends to use.

But we’re pretty sure Elon has done his homework, along with his marketing team, and they have chosen the best possible scenario for the branding of all the companies Musk owns.

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