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April 19, 2024
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Vienna Tram Drivers Win Tram-EM 2023 in Oradea, Romania

Tram-EM, a very captivating and unique competition, unites tram drivers from European cities each year. This year the race between these public transport drivers occurred in Oradea, Romania, one of the country’s most beautiful and well-administered cities.

Teams from Barcelona, Basel, Berlin, Bordeaux, Brussels, Debrecen, Dresden, Dublin, Florence, Gothenburg, Hanover, Kosice, Kyiv, Leipzig, Malaga, Nurnberg, Oslo, Oradea, Prague, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Szeged, Vienna, Warsaw and Zagreb registered for this year’s competition and raced each other on June 3.

Not surprisingly, Vienna won in 2023, as its team scored the best results in most events, such as emergency braking, controlled speeding, corner speeding and even tram bowling. For those who want to understand better what this is all about, please check the following video broadcast live from the competition.

Vienna was partially advantaged by its team’s drivers using the same trams in their daily jobs. In Oradea, all teams competed on Siemens and Astra trams. But this is just the game’s beauty and unpredictability.

The second place went to Gothenburg, while the bronze went to the Prague team.

Such unique competitions show the skills of the tram drivers we forget to praise, though we use public transport daily. On the other hand, this was a perfect opportunity for Oradea to show the beautiful landscapes the city is famous for.

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