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June 17, 2024
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Top SEO Companies Romania 2024

Are you looking for SEO services in Romania? We compiled the top SEO Romanian companies you can rely on in 2024.

Our experience with search engines has shown us that trustworthy websites or businesses will typically rank first, or, if not first, on the first few search results pages. How do you rank on the first page of Google for relevant searches for your industry? Of course, you need the best SEO agencies and here is where such tops can help you decide more quickly.

The methodology for compiling this top

How we created this top and rank the best SEO companies for you to partner with for the best results:

  • We checked the leading search results on Google: “SEO company/agency Romania.” This is the first step when checking the performance of any SEO agency – if the SEO company is successful in ranking higher in SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions), then it’s more likely to rank its clients
  • We checked the leading generation directories that base their ranking on clients’ reviews, such as Clutch or Good Firms. If clients appreciate a particular SEO agency in Romania, then it’s more likely they performed well in SEO optimization
  • We checked the awards won by the Romanian SEO agencies. If they receive awards, it is a sign of appreciation from the experts in the industry
  • We checked the presence of the website on other tops or other lead generation platforms. If we find out the agency is present in other tops, it means it has been appreciated so far

Top 10 SEO Romanian Companies 2024

1. TUYA Digital

Source: TUYA Digital official

TUYA Digital’s core mission is to generate leads for its clients through SEO & Digital Marketing expertise. The agency is also among the Best European SEO Agencies top, ranked by Viral SEO, but also among other Top European Digital Marketing Agencies compiled by leading digital marketing platforms.

Working with TUYA Digital SEO & Digital Marketing specialists puts you in touch with a company renowned for its effectiveness and hack growth talents in the digital marketing sector. In addition, the agency’s proficiency with digital technology has been recognized and honoured with numerous awards from digital marketing competitions.

Also, TUYA Digital launched one of the most exciting SEO courses in the industry: SEO Secrets Club, where they offer the Top 30 SEO Secrets to help you rank in 2024. You might want to check their work and convince yourself about the team’s professionalism.

2. Danco Vision 360 Digital Marketing

Source: Danco Vision 360 official

Danco Vision 360 mission is the creation of comprehensive technical and creative solutions together with materializing the solutions and core ideas into reality. Their mission statement is to combine traditional with digital marketing in perfect harmony and balance.

”Since 2006, we have worked alongside our customers,
from their very first online steps through to the creation of complex strategies and
integrated communication campaigns”.

Danco Vision 360

The agency offers digital marketing services, including SEO, web design, branding, SMM, copywriting and many more.

3. DWF

Source: DWF official

DFW is a well-established digital marketing agency whose main operation is expanding its clients’ businesses. The agency aims to build a strong brand reputation, connect its customers with other businesses, and use its services to help improve society and the local community.

The agency has a portfolio of over 850 clients, and its core services are SEO and local SEO, UX, DEV, Paid Media, and Data Analytics.

4. Marketing Deck

Source: Marketing Deck Official

Their story began in 2013, focusing mainly on social media management, optimization, and content creation. After eight years of experience in the digital marketing field and with staff experts in multiple domains of the digital landscape, the agency extended and offered complete digital marketing services. Marketing Deck can adjust to any industry and has the expertise to select the optimal and customized tactics that produce results.

5. SEO Cupcake

Source: SEO Cupcake official

Seo Cupcake is part of the Limitless Agency Group, but it has a separate identity. This is due to its specialization and expertise, especially in SEO optimization, PPC, web design, and graphic design. The agency is a reliable digital marketing and SEO partner for businesses in need, and the group holds an impressive and diverse client portfolio together.


Source: Seolitte official

This Romanian Advertising Agency offers a wide range of digital marketing services and a specialized complete set of SEO services.

”We’ve got some excellent know-how, professional and highly responsible attitude. Our main primary goal is to help your online business stand out, and we are ready to be as crazy as it takes to reach our goals”.


7. Upswing

Source: Upswing official

Upswing acts as an extension of the client’s brand marketing team by bringing experience, strategy, and implementation where you need it most. The agency has been developing the most effective and long-lasting brand marketing strategies for the past 13 years, specializing in SEO and content generation and management.

8. Grapefruit

Source: Grapefruit official

”Stay ahead in digital”

Grapefruit official

The agency sees the digital landscape as fast-paced & constantly changing. Clients have to keep moving to stay relevant, and with Grapefruits’ experience, creativity & know-how, they can learn the next and most optimal steps for each brand.

9. Target Web

Source: Target Web official

”We grow organic traffic and deliver visible results. We offer modern SEO solutions and alternatives to Google Ads”

Target Web

Target Web is a full SEO service agency with a complete team experienced in SEO and achieving the best online results by following the client’s goals. Outside of this, the agency also offers online marketing, web development, and sales optimization services.

10. Bullet Advertising

Source: Bullet Advertising official

An experienced and reliable group in the digital marketing field. Bullet Advertising offers a wide range of services specializing in PPC, SEO, content marketing, and social media.

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