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January 30, 2023
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Top Plastic Surgery Clinics in Romania

When it comes to the best plastic surgery clinics in Romania, the country has developed and evolved significantly in the segment of aesthetic surgery, having top clinics and doctors renowned for their performance in plastic surgery. Due to their evolution, cosmetic surgery clinics have put Romania on the map of medical tourism, being recognized internationally, and to which many turn for their high-quality aesthetic procedures.

Such performances were also possible thanks to the technology that the cosmetic surgery clinics in Romania benefit from to offer the desired aesthetic treatment and to be able to carry out even the most challenging interventions successfully.

The low cost of aesthetic procedures is another reason many opt for aesthetic operations abroad. Romanian medical tourism benefits from excellent, favourable and advantageous costs of professional cosmetic procedures.

In the era of perfectionism and appearances, we’ve all thought at least, or many have put into practice the idea of ​​using the services of a surgery clinic. However, as aesthetic operations have become increasingly requested, the number of cosmetic surgery clinics has doubled, and patients now have various surgical clinics to turn to.

But how do we choose the best plastic surgery clinic for our needs?
We created a list of the best aesthetic surgery clinics in Romania to differentiate the market and identify the clinic with the highest standards in plastic surgery.

To create this top, we made thorough documentation of the best-rated cosmetic surgery clinics in Romania and analyzed the following aspects:

  • we identified the clinics with the best evaluation on the Google platform;
  • we evaluated the clinics with the best reviews from the patients who used their services;
  • we compared the variety of medical services;
  • we identified their experience in the Romanian cosmetic surgery market;
  • we evaluated the medical services and packages available to the clinics to offer the most pleasant experience to the patients;
  • we compared the price of the services and the offers of each clinic;

Based on this research, we managed to classify the best clinics in Romania according to the criteria that any patient should have in mind. So here is our Top cosmetic surgery clinics in Romania.

Best Plastic Surgery Clinics in Romania

Swiss Clinics

Swiss EstetiX

With over five years of experience in aesthetic medicine, over 27,000 happy patients and experienced specialist doctors, and numerous awards that reflect professionalism and innovative techniques, Swiss Clinics is one of Romania’s renowned plastic surgery clinics.
Due to their high-quality services, the team of professional doctors and the significant number of satisfied patients, Swiss Clinic ranks first in the top of the best cosmetic surgery clinics in Romania.

It’s not only their top-of-the-art medical equipment that made them famous but also that most celebrities in Romania approach this clinic for cosmetic surgery.

Also, Swiss Clinics has opened branches in some Western countries, such as the UK, Germany, Italy and France. If this is not proof of their success, what else is it?

Elysium Clinic

Aesthetic Clinic

The Elysium aesthetic clinic is dedicated to treating and caring for cosmetic surgery patients in a private setting, with a friendly, personal and top-quality approach. The Elysium team is made up of specialists with high achievements in the field of plastic surgery, the performance of which is reflected in the numerous operations successfully performed and in the satisfaction of the patients.

UltraEstetic Clinic

The UltraEsthetic Clinic offers solutions for a natural look with spectacular results.
Clinic Ultra Estic is in 3rd place in the list of clinics in Romania due to its personalized services and top treatment techniques, reflected in remarkable results over the years.

Nordestica Clinic

Clinica Nordestetica is one of Romania’s best-performing private clinics for aesthetic treatments and operations. The clinic stands out for its high-standard quality services, having excellent results over time in the field of aesthetic surgery and dermato-cosmetology. State-of-the-art technology, top doctors and quality services have propelled the clinic into the preferences of patients from Romania and abroad.

Silhouette Clinic

With over 20 years of activity in aesthetic surgery and a team of doctors and professional medical staff working with the latest technology equipment, the Silhouette Clinic is one of Romania’s best-rated aesthetic surgery clinics.
The clinic offers a full range of aesthetic operations and non-invasive procedures at advantageous prices, one of the top options for Romanians who want to improve their physical appearance.

World Estetica Clinic

World Estetica is an essential provider of medical services in the field of aesthetic surgery in Bucharest. The clinic focuses on offering the safest, most advanced and most effective treatments, using only the best products and equipment and benefiting from a highly trained staff.
World Estetica is led by a team of medical experts, with over 5,000 aesthetic operations performed, being a reliable clinic for patients who have called on their high-quality services.

Gregorian Clinic

Gregorian Clinic services offer innovation, excellence and performance. The clinic benefits from state-of-the-art facilities that support the performance of specialist doctors within the clinic. With over 12 years of experience in beauty, the Gregorian Clinic is among the choices of many patients satisfied with the medical service and the results obtained.

Dr. Levy Medical Center

The clinic is run by Dr. Levy, one of the best surgeons, recommended by former patients in Romania. The Dr. Levy Medical Center clinic offers various services and complex aesthetic operations, benefiting from high-performance equipment and a professional team.

Medestet Clinic

Medestet is an aesthetic surgery clinic with a history in Romania. With a portfolio of over 15,000 satisfied patients and a team of specialist doctors with over 15 years of experience, the clinic is one of the most famous for successful aesthetic surgical operations. Both the prices and the services offered are to the liking of patients from Romania and abroad who cross the clinic’s threshold and choose their complex and quality services.

ProEstetica Clinic

Clinica ProEstetica is a clinic with over 25 years of experience and exceptional achievements in plastic surgery. Being led by a professional team that ensures its services are of high quality at the international level, the ProEstetica clinic is one of the clinics that show trust and professionalism for the patients who have called on their services.

These clinics are an option for anyone opting for cosmetic surgery in Romania. Due to the professionalism and quality of the services, these clinics are considered top in Romania and abroad, enjoying an international reputation in the field of plastic surgery.

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