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June 4, 2020
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Top 5 Useful Apps That Will Make Work From Home Easier

The coronavirus outbreak has caused many employers to let their employees work from home. Here is a list of 5 apps that you can use to work more effectively and to stay in touch with your colleagues:

Skype is probably the most popular and used remote communication platform in Romania. The advantage is that this platform is very intuitive and easy to install and use. But it is limited in some respects. To be able to use Skype in conferences or to communicate indefinitely, enjoying the additional features of team screen sharing, you should have the business option. And this comes with an additional cost.

TeamViewer is an app that allows you to take control of anyone’s computer, thus helping to solve a remote problem. Thus, you can perform directly on the computer of your clients an operation that they cannot complete or a task too complicated that they canʹt understand.

Airtable is one of the best-rated task applications for management and organization. This application can be easily downloaded on iOS and Android, and it allows sorting tasks by importance, being able to associate them with colors (red = urgent, green = non-priority).

Dropbox Paper is kind of like Google Docs, but it does its job just as well. It is very simple, in the good sense, and easy to use. Plus you have Dropbox storage, where you can download files.

Trello is an application that helps you when you work from home. You can stay in touch with your colleagues and you will be able to continue your projects even when you do not go to the office. It helps you to be very organized and you can use it in your daily life, not just at work.

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