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May 23, 2024
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Seven Million Romanians Use TikTok Monthly

TikTok has become one of the most used social media platforms in Romania. The number of Romanians who use the TikTok application every month has reached 7.4 million, either to watch clips, share their own or experience special effects and filters, according to data compiled by representatives of the social media platform and sent to local media on Tuesday, October 24.

The most popular videos and trends on TikTok reveal the passions of Romanians and show aspects of local culture supported by the imagination and creativity of Romanian creators. From music, sports, lifestyle, and even studying for national exams, TikTok is a space for shared passions and interests.

TikTok is more than a social media platform; it has become more like a search engine. Young users started searching for the latest trends, recipes, and ideas for gifts or even conducting “how to…” searches on TikTok. Not only that but recently, Google and TikTok engaged in a partnership, enhancing the searches on TikTok by allowing users to search for results in Google for the same query on the TikTok page. This recent feature that TikTok tested this autumn tells what the future could look like when two tech giants shake hands.

Catalin ADAM, digital strategist at TUYA Digital – SEO & Digital Marketing

TikTok helps Romanians rediscover their love for culture. TikTok has supported cultural festivals in Romania, such as TIFF, FITS and RCW, and encouraged the local community to appreciate and interact with cultural acts. Last year, TikTok collaborated with the Transilvania International Film Festival for the 21st edition as part of #CultureTok. The partnership with the largest film festival in Romania included events, workshops, Lives, and a hashtag challenge, the local #PovestitoruldeFilm, which has collected over 385,000 posts.

As for Romanian stars, Inna became even more famous on TikTok worldwide thanks to the single “Up” in collaboration with Sean Paul, which inspired more than 1.6 million videos. Also, the artist Olivia Addams started her musical career on TikTok, where she promoted her hit song “I’m Lost” for the first time, which reached number 1 in Viral 50 Spotify Romania.

Additionally, sports is one of TikTok’s most popular forms of entertainment, and #TikTokFootball has garnered over 12 billion views.

In Romania, the #fotbalromania hashtag has 499.6 million views and brings together news, player and team stories and memorable moments from the football world. Gym content is also popular, with creators offering training and style inspiration of life under the hashtag #fitnessromania, which gathered 293.6 million views.

Another popular trend on the social media platform is #LearnonTikTok, and some of the most used hashtags and the largest TikTok communities in Romania are dedicated to learning and discovering new things.

From #invatapetiktok, which has gathered 9 billion views and is one of the most popular hashtags in the country, to #dezvoltarepersonala, which has gathered 1.2 billion views, Romanians learn and develop every day. Learning on TikTok has become the primary trend during national exams, and teachers organize live sessions to study exam topics. Romanians happily share unique moments from their lives on TikTok while remaining authentic and honest with themselves. #viatalatara is a community created by people who want to share content from their country life showing how they care for their land, plants and farm animals. They post tips, real-life moments, scenery and funny stories, and the hashtag reached 681.6 million views and is growing. Another popular trend gaining momentum in Romania is #vlogzilnic, where creators from all over the country show their daily lives while working, studying and living authentically.

TikTok has global offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Poland, Israel, Dubai, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul and Tokyo.

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