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June 22, 2024
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Threads App Available in European Countries

Starting Thursday, December 14, the microblogging app Threads is also available in Europe. This means that almost 300 million users can download Threads and easily create their Threads accounts by using their current Instagram profiles.

Threads app is a Meta product. It resembles (this is to avoid saying it is a carbon copy) X (ex-Twitter). Its functionalities, design and UX/UI remind every user that those who developed the app had just resigned from X at that moment.

With 100 million users in just five days, Threads has become the app with the fastest growth in history. Impressive, right? Yet, there is a reasonable explanation for this.

Threads is easily accessible by all the logged-in Instagram account users. It’s enough to log into Instagram and select Threads. You’ll be prompted to follow your Instagram friends and accept a few conditions, and that would be all it takes to have your own Threads profile.

It is now an opportunity for individuals, but primarily companies, to grow on a newly launched social media platform. Despite criticism that Threads is carbon-copied after X, the former Twitter, at the end of the day, it is a platform developed by the experienced Meta team that offers an opportunity for social media creators worldwide. We have been using Threads for our US clients for quite a while and are pleased with the results. The European launching of Threads this Thursday released one ample opportunity to grow our EU clients further. Creating, using, managing, and handling your Threads account is easy.

One big minus, though, from our perspective as one of the social media agencies in Romania: it is not yet integrated with all the platforms we use to automate content publishing on social media. And this affects the activity of any agency involved in social media management.

Laura D, social media expert @ TUYA Digital – SEO & Digital Marketing

It might be copied after X, as the same sacked employees have developed it from X when Elon Musk saw the job at X could be done with 20% of the original employees. It also might be so successful and have this enormous growth only because all Instagram users can create one Thread account for free. But, as experts say, it’s just another opportunity for everyone who wants to grow their awareness, whether individuals or companies.

A conclusion? Threads might not be able to replace TikTok, for example, in users’ preferences, but it will be a significant app by the number of users. This means yet another opportunity for advertisers to push their content and offers to social media consumers in Europe and worldwide.

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