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June 15, 2024
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TAX Return UK: Have you Worked in the UK or still Working Here? From April 6 You Can Get Your Taxes Back

If you worked in the construction sector in the UK, or you are still working here as a construction worker, you have to know how to claim back some of the taxes paid during the financial year that just ended. So, if you are self-employed in construction industry, the authorized accountants in UK can help you get your Tax Return CIS!

Starting from April 6, construction workers from UK have been claiming their taxes back. Have you filed for Tax Return CIS already?

Tax Return CIS in UK

If you work or worked in the UK, you can get the payroll tax, meaning tax paid in addition to the state (even 100%). The amounts recovered can reach several thousand pounds, and therefore it is worth claiming this money. You will need the P45 or P60 tax return (a centralized document of taxes paid) issued by each of your UK employers (or, if you don’t have them – payslips payrolls).

What is the fine if a self-employed person does not close his financial year?

“A self-employed person must keep a rigorous record of documents, such as payslips, invoices, vouchers from expenses incurred in the interest of service, bank statements. All of these must be kept for at least five years because they can be requested by the HMRC even for a period of up to five years ago. The fines have become very high since last year, if you do not present these documents when requested by the authorities.
If you are employed, your company retain from your salary exactly how much you owe as taxes, and in case you have expenses in the interest of service, the company is obliged to reimburse you. If you are self employed, you have a tax return until October 31st if you send them on the paper form or until January 31st if you send them online. If you exceed this date (even one day), the initial fine is £100. If you exceed 3 months, the fine is £10 per day until you submit the form. If it’s 6 months and you haven’t sent it, the fine is £300″
, declared Roxana Popa, EuroWin Solutions manager for Valahia News.

Do you want to apply for Tax Return CIS in UK?

EuroWin Solutions is an accountant company headquartered in London. They have offer Professional Accounting Services, Tax Advice and Expert Immigration Services to more than 30,000 clients so far.  

EuroWin Solutions guarantees you get the maximum Tax Refund allowed by law in your case, in the fastest time possible and always in accordance with HMRC guidelines. The company work with thousands of construction workers every year, and they are ready to help you, too.

As compared to other companies on the market, they offer you the guarantee of law compliance, meaning you are sure the percentage of taxes they get back for you are within the maximum allowed by the British law. You don’t have to worry for later possible tax investigations from HMRC or other legal procedures alike. Other companies might claim back more taxes, but the procedures are liable for further investigations from the British authorities.

The quality of their services is proven by their high customer satisfaction. Also, they guarantee to deliver a high-quality service from a team of dedicated personnel who are experts in their fields.

Their fees are calculated on a fixed fee basis, so you know up front how much it will be, for the services you require.

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