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June 15, 2024
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Ship Under Tanzania Flag Sinks in Black Sea 26 Miles Off Romanian Shores

A ship under the Tanzania flag sank on Saturday morning, 26 nautical miles from Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania. According to the news from the scene, eight crew members were rescued, three missing.

Several ships are currently searching in the area, hoping to find the rest of the crew.

Under the coordination of the MRCC Service (Maritime Rescue Coordination Center) within the Romanian Naval Authority, the search and rescue operation is in full swing after the Mohammad Z ship sank.

The alert was received around 4:00 a.m., and the MRCC officers immediately sent three ships to the area. The support of the Border Police was also requested, and they sent the vessels to the accident site. At the same time, two commercial vessels located nearby were immediately alerted to join the search and rescue operation.

The sunken ship, Mohammed Z, under the flag of Tanzania, had 11 crew members on board, nine Syrian nationals and two Egyptian nationals, and eight of them were rescued by the merchant ship Michel, which was closest to the place of the accident.

At this moment, the efforts to search for the other three missing crew members, all of Syrian nationality, are continuing.

The reason for the sinking of the ship is not known at this moment, and an investigation file will be opened to establish the causes and circumstances under which the accident occurred. There are big chances that a war mine could’ve hit the ship.

Last year, a Ukrainian mine hit the dam in Costinesti, causing an explosion. Since then, Romania, Turkey, and Bulgaria have signed an agreement to coordinate their efforts and clear the Black Sea from the war mines floating there.

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