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April 21, 2024
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Suspicious Death of French Soldier Investigated by Police in Bucharest

A French soldier was found dead in Bucharest. He was found in the hotel, where he was accommodated with his superiors and army colleagues.

Judiciary sources say the man was found stabbed in his chest with a pair of scissors, but this information is not officially confirmed.

As reported by local media, the Romanian authorities don’t exclude suicide, as the room was found locked, and no signs of a fight. At the same time, crime is also possible, so the prosecutors consider anything before jumping to conclusions. Allegedly, no goodbye note was found, and no message to the dear ones or colleagues.

Surveillance cameras were checked to identify potential footage of the victim and possible suspects, and potential witnesses were questioned.

The authorities haven’t yet released any official statement regarding the incident. Coincidence or not, this tragic event happened just days after the French media reported the dire conditions of the accommodation Romania offered to the French troops arriving in the country to strengthen NATO’s Eastern flank.

To be updated.

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