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March 4, 2024
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Storis: the First Romanian Mobile App for Audiobooks, E-Books

Storis. The name was picked up to sound almost like the product the app is offering: stories. In fact, Storis is the first app developed in Romania for audiobooks and e-books.

It’s hard to believe that Romanians, who are so passionate about stories, who are famous for the entrepreneurial initiative in IT, hadn’t yet developed such an app. Still, it is true. Storis was born from the passion of the visionaries behind it, but it came on the local market as a necessity more than anything else.

On a market that has been estimated at 80-100M EUR annually in 2020, digital book sales are virtually 0%.

Storis’ mission is to raise the digital book market in Romania to match the level of other European markets — by locally developing one of the simplest and most pleasant digital experiences for reading and learning.

Storis presentation on Seedblink
Storis presentation on Youtube

Storis seeks seed-type investment on Seedblink. Their target is 500,000 EUR and they already collected 377,500 EUR from 17 different investors.

Do Romanians need audio and e-books? In a country where most of the time Romanians spend stuck in traffic, 2-3 hours a day on average, it’s hard to deny the reality. E-books could enhance the appetite of the Romanians for knowledge while helping them avoid having their eyes glued to the smartphones’ displays all day long.

They are launching soon. To be up to date with the launch, subscribe to their newsletter. It might worth more than you think.

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