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October 6, 2022
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Romanian Sexual Offenders Now Registered on Police Special Records

Starting from July, Romanian sexual offenders are registered on Romanian Police dedicated records. This is the latest initiative to fight the endemic of sexual offenses registered in the country. The records are to be permanent and updated regularly.

Basically, any person who commits a sexual offense, such as rape, child sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, incest and other offenses alike, are now filed in the police records for the sexual offenders. All the offenders will be forbidden from working in places such as schools, hospitals or kindergartens. Besides, they will have to follow a certain set of drastic rules.

Moreover, the offenders must go to the police at least every three months and offer details on their current occupation and the sort of persons they have interactions with – women, kids or other sorts of vulnerable individuals.

This means that for some jobs one needs to show a clean sexual offender record to the employer. Unless he produces a clean record, no school, kindergarten or hospital will hire him.

In 2020 there were about 45,000 sexual offenders and predators on police records in Romania and their number is continually growing. The initiative is intended to discourage the potential offenders from committing sexual crimes, but also to discourage the currently sentenced offenders from repeating their criminal behavior.

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