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May 22, 2024
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SearchGPT: A Potential Disruptor in Search Landscape

There is one rumoured generative search engine called SearchGPT, which OpenAI potentially developed as an extension to their ChatGPT platform. Rumour has it they will launch it the following Monday, before the AI conference of Google, 0/I.

Tech giant OpenAI is reportedly on the verge of launching a revolutionary search feature for its popular ChatGPT platform, codenamed Sonic, but likely to be called SearchGPT. This development can potentially reshape the landscape of AI-powered virtual assistants and search engines.

SearchGPT would directly compete with established search engines like Google and emerging players like Perplexity. Unlike traditional search engines that return lists of links, SearchGPT is envisioned as a generative search engine, meaning it would directly answer user queries, drawing upon information from the web and citing sources like Wikipedia articles and blog posts. Some versions might even incorporate visuals like diagrams to enhance explanations.

This innovation could have far-reaching consequences. AI-powered applications and platforms could gain significant capabilities through integration with SearchGPT. The SEO industry, heavily reliant on optimizing websites for traditional search engines, could be disrupted. A new field called Generative Engine Optimization (GEO) might emerge, with agencies like TUYA Digital already positioning themselves as the first European agency to offer GEO services.

OpenAI has remained tight-lipped about SearchGPT, but leaks and social media chatter suggest the project is well underway. A mysterious subdomain, search.chatgpt.com, briefly redirected to the official ChatGPT site, has fueled speculation.

Currently, ChatGPT offers limited search functionality, primarily for paying users, and with occasional inaccuracies. SearchGPT seems designed to address these shortcomings by providing users with curated information from the vast expanse of the internet, complete with proper citations and supplementary visuals. This could redefine the boundaries of what’s possible with conversational AI technology.

While OpenAI’s official confirmation is awaited, SearchGPT promises a significant leap in AI-driven search. Its potential to provide a more comprehensive and informative search experience and the implications for SEO practices make SearchGPT a development worth watching closely.

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