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January 26, 2021
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School Starts in Romania, Parents Protest Against New Rules

School started in Romania on Monday, September 14, for more 2.8 million pupils and students. This year, the event was not ceremonious at all, as it was in the previous years. Parents accompanied their children to the school doors and left them in classes, sanitary masks over the faces and desks separated between them by plexiglass.

Parents are not happy with the measures. Not all the parents want their kids to have classic classes and to be present in schools, for fear of COVID-19 infections. In fact, according to a recent study, only 55% of the Romanian parents want their kids to learn in classes, the rest want them to learn online or have hybrid lessons.

On Monday a protest is also organized in Bucharest by the parents who don’t want their kids to wear sanitary masks during classes. The organizer expects a few thousand parents to be present to the protest which takes place in the afternoon in the center of the city.

Meanwhile, the Government prolonged the alert situation in Romania for 30 more days. Also, the officials decided to let the schools decide each one for its own as for the scenario to adopt for the safety of the pupils and teachers. This is why some schools decided to have the classed online, while others requested for the compulsory presence of the pupils.

Specialists expect the number of the daily COVID-19 infections to increase after the school opening.

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