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April 21, 2024
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Russia Accuses Romania of Sending Weapons to Ukraine

Russia accuses Romania of sending weapons to Ukraine. This was published on the Telegram account of the Russian Ministry of Defense, according to Digi24.ro.

The accusations further say that the operation is masked under a cereal and livestock export. According to the cited source, the Russian officials say that 20 million tons of such goods reach Romanian destinations by sea, road, and railway. Allegedly, the empty containers are loaded with weapons before returning to Ukraine.

The accusations were firmly rejected by representatives of the Romanian Ministry of Defense, cited by Adevarul, and named it “a gross distortion of reality.”

Regarding the statements circulating online, attributed to General-Colonel Mikhail Misinthev, head of the National Center for Defense Management of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, according to which, the railway, road and river routes (on the Danube) between Romania and Ukraine would be used for the export of Ukrainian cereals through Romania, and the loading of the respective means of transport, upon return to Ukraine, with weapons and ammunition of foreign origin, we specify that these allegations represent a gross distortion of reality. Romania is carrying out concrete support actions for the neighboring country, especially through the humanitarian logistics hub in Suceava, used effectively by several states, but also through the concrete support given to Ukrainian refugees who transit our country or choose to stay here.

Source: Adevarul

Romania helps Ukraine through the humanitarian logistic hub in the North of the country, in Suceava. Yet, this is purely logistic and is also used by other countries and also for helping the hundreds of thousands of refugees arriving in Romania by foot or by car.

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