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December 3, 2023
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Romania’s Enescu Festival and Samsung dARe have launched a mobile app allowing users to attend to the concerts remotely

This year, Samsung makes available to all smartphone owners the opportunity to see and listen to the Enescu festival’s concerts through the application dARe by Samsung.

What does this mean? With the dARe mobile app, smartphone users can scan the Romanian 5-Lei banknote and wait for the magic to happen. This will allow the music lovers to attend to the festival’s concert remotely, as if being in the concert hall itself!

Thus, the 5- Lei banknote, on which the emblematic composer of Romania is represented, George Enescu, becomes the virtual ticket for the most important musical and cultural event of the year in Romania.

Moreover, George Enescu International Festival and Samsung have launched on August 26th the mobile app ,,Enescu Experience: in harmony with the city’’, an option that gives users the opportunity to discover over one hundred concerts that are part of the festival and the associated programs, but also several other hundred of events in non-conventional spaces, open-air spaces, museums and so on.

By allowing the tracking of the phone’s location, each user can receive notification on the event taking place nearby. More than that, the app offers the option of establishing routes linking various points on the map.

Also, with the help of filters, users can see only events from the festival or from the associated programs, which take place all over Bucharest.

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