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January 28, 2023
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Opinion Poll: Two-Thirds of Romanians Think Pandemic Is Planned by World Elites to Control Population

Almost two-thirds of Romanians think the world elites plan this pandemic to control the population. This concludes an opinion poll conducted by INSCOP, a Romanian institute.

Do you think this is preposterous? Think again!

The same opinion poll concludes that a quarter of Romanians think that there is a plan for small processors to be implemented for all vaccinated the moment they take the jab.

Are you puzzled yet? Wait a minute…

54% of the Romanians think they were exposed to fake news during the last months. By doing the math, we can easily understand that a good part of those thinking that world elites plan this pandemic also admit they were exposed to fake news.

But wait…there is more to it than that!

27% of the Romanians think the primary source of fake news in Romania is Russia.

All is crystal clear now. Is it not?

Russia – the usual suspect when something bad happens in Romania

Let us clear your thoughts then – these opinion polls only confirm what everybody knows already. Romanians are superstitious, early conspiracy theory adopters and point out to Russia whenever something terrible happens in the country.

Electricity and gas prices increasing? Russia is to be blamed for its Gazprom!

Not enough population is vaccinated? Russia’s influencers in the country are the culprit!

National Football Team not qualifying for the World Cup in the last 20 years? The Russian referees are the ones who hindered Romania play the championship!

Bad weather? Again, it’s the Russians with their weather guns!

The so-called ‘Romanian reformist party’ USR dropping in the opinion polls? Russia wanted it to happen!

Are the Nationalists climbing on second place in Romania? It’s because Russia supports this party!

Russia is the usual suspect whenever something unusual happens in Romania. This time it’s about them influencing the vaccination rate, controlling the climbing of the Nationalists in the opinion polls and dropping the Government. And whatever.

Do you want to understand the Romanian people? Take Russia into account, and you’ll succeed!

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