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January 28, 2023
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Romanians Spend EUR 200 M a Year on Travel

Romanians spent over EUR 202 million on vacations and business travel last year. How many preferred to travel abroad, and how many chose Romania for the holidays? Here are the statistics.

According to the National Institute of Statistics, Romanian residents spent over EUR 202 million on vacation and business travel in 2021, with 80.7% going to domestic destinations and 19.3% to foreign places.

The overall number of travel journeys taken in 2021 was 17,861,300, with holiday trips accounting for 93% of total trips.

In 2021, most trips were for 1-3 nights, accounting for 62% of all work and business trips and 61.2% of all holiday trips.

The preference of Romanian travellers for holiday accommodation has remained unchanged from previous years, with 53.8% choosing to stay with relatives and friends. Accommodation in hotels and comparable units came in second with 22.8 %, followed by other lodging units,15.1% (tourist chalets, tourist pensions, rural pensions, bungalows, and accommodation spaces aboard ships). 8.3% of travellers chose the rest of the accommodations, including private rented lodging (rooms and apartments for rent), vacation houses (personal property), campgrounds, and other types of free accommodation.

Romanian visitors stayed in hotels and similar facilities 31.9% of the time during business travels and business.

In 2021, 95.7% of all vacations destinations were in European countries, with the European Union accounting for 91.5% of all vacation visits.

In 2021, 81.8% of overall tourist expenditures for holiday travel were for domestic travel, while 18.2 % were for international travel.

This is actually good news for the travel industry and, as the restrictions are lifted, more good news expect this sector in the future.

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