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July 24, 2024
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Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to all Romanians: Leave Russia as Soon as Possible!

Following the escalation of the military conflict in Ukraine, Romania decided, on February 26, 2022, to close its airspace for all aircraft registered in Russia, after which the measure was adopted in all Member States of the European Union. Under these conditions, European airlines have also suspended their flights to and over the territory of the Russian Federation.

Therefore, according to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is strongly recommended that Romanian citizens leave Russia.

Given these restrictions, as well as the fact that the regional security situation remains extremely tense and unpredictable, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) strongly recommends Romanian citizens avoid non-essential travel to the Russian Federation. Those who are temporarily in this country should consider leaving the territory of the Russian Federation as soon as possible, through commercial flights still available.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania informs that Romanian citizens wishing to leave the territory of the Russian Federation currently have alternative routes of travel by regular flights, with stops, through the Republic of Turkey / Istanbul and the United Arab Emirates / Dubai or by road, with airlines transport through Estonia.

At the same time, the MFA recommends to the Romanian citizens who are on the territory of the Russian Federation to register their presence without delay through the platform www.econsulat.ro, at https://www.econsulat.ro/CetateniRomaniInregistrati/Inregistreaza, available both on PC or laptop, as well as from the mobile phone.

Romanian citizens can request consular assistance at the telephone number of the Romanian Embassy in Moscow: +7 499 143 0427; +7 499 143 0350, of the Consulate General of Romania in St. Petersburg: +7812 3126141 and of the Consulate General of Romania in Rostov-on-Don: +7 (863) 283 10 15 the calls being redirected to the Contact and Support Center of Romanian Citizens in Abroad (CCSCRS) and taken over by Call Center operators permanently.

Also, the Romanian citizens facing a difficult, special, emergency situation have at their disposal the emergency telephone number of the Romanian diplomatic mission in Moscow: +7 916 017 9882, as well as the emergency telephones of the consular offices at St. Petersburg: +7. 965. 777.43.38 and Rostov-on-Don: +7 (909) 437 72 22.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs requests the Romanian citizens to consult the Internet pages: http://moscova.mae.ro, http://sanktpetersburg.mae.ro, http://rostov.mae.ro, www.mae.ro and reminds that Romanian citizens traveling abroad have at their disposal the application “Travel safely” (www.mae.ro/app_cs), which provides helpful information and travel tips.

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