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April 19, 2024
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Contracted Killing Dark Web Platform Administrators Arrested in Romania

Romanian prosecutors caught the administrators of some US contracted killing dark web platforms following specific procedures conducted at the beginning of April.

Romanian prosecutors searched for a specific Romanian group that has been managing sites with offers for contracted assassination services for the US market. The Romanian Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) conducted searches in two Romanian counties, and nine people were taken to the police station to be questioned.

According to a DIICOT press release, in the Romanian counties of Gorj and Hunedoara, police and prosecutors conducted seven home searches. The operations were carried out in response to a request by the United States of America authorities in a case involving the investigation of multiple Romanian citizens for crimes such as forming an organized criminal cell, encouraging murder, and money laundering.

These sites were only available through a network that encrypts and directs traffic through intermediate relays, using computer programs to conceal users’ Internet activity. The sites appeared to accept only electronic currency as payment for services.
Authorities in the United States have discovered that this organization consisted of five or more Romanians who worked together to administer the sites and launder money earned from the commission of murderous crimes.

The amount of money obtained due to illicit conduct is over USD 500,000. Computers, smartphones, and documents relevant to the case were discovered and seized due to the home searches, and a sum of USD 6.500 was preserved.
All the five suspects and four witnesses were escorted to the police units’ headquarters, where home searches were conducted for hearings and investigations.

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