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March 4, 2024
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​Romanian Women: Get to Know Them

Romanian women are some of the most famous women in European culture. For one reason or another, their fame crossed the Romanian boundaries and the Romanian women become one of the most talked-about and admired beauties when it comes to Romania.

As most of our readers are expats living in Romania or foreigners interested in news and facts about Romania, presenting in today’s post some of the natural, historical and cultural features which define Romanian women could be of interest for all of them.

That’s why we will try and bring our homage to all Romanian women, but we will also try and offer additional and valuable pieces of the puzzle to all those who would like to find out more about this interesting subject.

For not being accused of anything, we have to tell our readers this post is written by a girl. This has to be underlined, as we will present you not only the famous qualities of the Romanian women but also some other not so appreciated characteristics.

​Characteristics of Romanian women

Romanian Woman in Bucharest
Romanian woman

Worldwide women differentiate themselves due to some specific characteristics: their height, the color of their skin, their hair, their beauty, or their general physical traits. In Romania particularly, women are known for their beauty.

That being said, you must wonder what are the characteristics of Romanian women. Since you popped the question, you should know that women in Romania are mostly fair-skinned, dark-haired, and brown eyes. Of course, a part of the Romanian women has fair hair, natural or dyed blond, and blue or green eyes.

There is a slight difference between Romanian women from one region to another. One thing they have in common, as already mentioned, is that the majority of them are mostly fair-skinned. If you go to Transylvania, Moldova, or Bucovina you will notice that a good percentage of the women have light hair along with green or blue eyes. Moving to the south, in Muntenia and Oltenia, you will see that the tone of their hair as well as their eyes got darker.

Pay attention, not everything is about physical characteristics, right? Once you travel to Romania, you will discover how Romanians’ personality is influenced by the Romanian culture. The most distinctive trait of Romanians, including women, of course, is their ability to complain. Even if they don’t have any reason to complain, they will surely find one! Thus, it is pretty hard to keep up with a Romanian woman.

On top of that, women, particularly from Romania, love to gossip! No matter the subject, you will always find Romanian women gossiping in their group of friends, at work, or wherever they are. Be worry-free because they will never do that to their partner.

Lastly, keep in mind that 86% of the Romanian population is religious. Therefore, you have high chances to end up with a religious woman, not all of them churchgoers, but still, believers to a certain point. On the other hand, they really know how to have fun. Dating a Romanian woman will come together with a lot of outings, parties, and social gatherings.

Every person is different, but overall these are the characteristics you will find in the majority of Romanian women, like it or not.

​Why are Romanian women so beautiful?

Traditional Romanian woman
Romanian woman in Traditional Romanian clothes

In case you didn’t know, Romanian women are most famous in Europe for their beauty. In fact, Romania is among the top 20 countries in the world where you can find beautiful women. Each region of the country shapes women’s charm when it comes to physical appearance as well as personality.

Apart from their native beauty, found in Romanian genes, women take good care of themselves. This is the reason why we say that Romanian women have everything a man is looking for. Therefore, one can say Romanian women are beautiful inside out.

If you ask Romanian men, of course, they’ll definitely find some reasons to complain about the beauty level of their partners, but don’t pay attention to their sayings. In our opinion, they had too many beautiful women in their life as they don’t properly appreciate beauty anymore.

Anyway, beauty is not the only thing that defines Romanian women. They are also smart, diligent, and kind-hearted. On top of that, they really know how to cook well. Ultimately, they’re good mothers and dedicated lovers. While in a relationship, God forbid you to mistreat a Romanian woman or don’t appreciate her efforts for you!

One popular saying goes like this: “a woman should behave like a lady while in public, like a chef in the kitchen and like a hooker in bed”. We don’t know if this is a Romanian or an international saying, all we know is that this is so popular in the Romanian culture. And, of course, we cannot say if the Romanian women succeed in accomplishing this cliché which set the imagination of the Romanian men on fire.

​Are Romanian women smart?

Alexandra Botez – Romanian chess player

Yes, Romanian women are smart. Do not try and trick a Romanian woman, it’s obsolete and you’ll have little chance of winning her heart in that way.

Believe us, the Romanian men have tried all these tricks on them and all they did was fail over and over. Do not repeat their mistakes!

In exchange, try to approach a Romanian woman by genuinely compliment her, by having a nice and intelligent conversation. You’ll find out this is the way to the heart of a Romanian woman.

​What you need to know about dating a Romanian woman

Dating a Romanian woman
Date with a Romanian woman

We can all agree that dating is not easy, especially when it comes to dating a Romanian woman. There are a few things you should keep in mind. Be aware that these are general tips related to the majority of Romanian women. This doesn’t necessarily apply to the woman you date. Romanian women are all unique, remember!

To begin with, if you are a foreigner trying to date a Romanian woman you have already got an extra point! A good percentage of Romanian women prefer dating foreigners over the men they can find in their country. Even so, you need to pay attention to certain details that will make all the difference.

As we previously mentioned, being a foreigner is already a plus. Romanians are open-minded and always curious to find out more about other cultures. This is the time to use your charm! Share your culture, lifestyle and try to teach her a few words in your native language, this, of course, if your native language is not English. Romanians are good English speakers. If this is the case, then you should try and let her teach you a few Romanian words.

However, keep the conversations flowing by asking her about Romania. In this way, you will get a better understanding not only of Romanian culture but also of her. You can also get some Romanian language classes to impress her even more.

Another thing you should know about dating a Romanian woman is that family has its special place in her life. Do not hesitate to meet her friends and family. Since Romania is very family-oriented, the family’s opinion matters the most. If you managed to impress them, you already have the green light!

If you reached the point of visiting her family, you should prepare yourself to handle it. The golden rule is to never say no to food. The family spends a lot of time arranging everything, therefore you need to be polite and appreciate the effort. Before you go, we advise you to always bring something with you. Whether is a bottle of wine, desserts, or flowers, do not come empty-handed!

​How to impress Romanian women


Romanian women are known for their beauty and intelligence, but you need more than a bouquet to impress a girl from this country. Here are some tips of what to do in order to win a Romanian women heart:

​To impress your Romanian date, learn a few simple phrases

While most Romanians understand at least one language, most commonly English, learning a few basic Romanian words will wow your date. You can learn on the internet, through classes, or by asking the individual to teach you, and then teaching her some fundamental phrases in your language. This will also assist you in becoming more acquainted with Romanian culture.

​Be kind and respectful

Romanian women are pleasant and well-behaved, so expect the same from them, especially if you’re dating them. In a restaurant, you can open a door for a lady, inquire what she wants to order, and give her your coat if she is cold. Listen to your companion and respect her opinions and points of view, and she will respect yours as well.

​Don’t undervalue the importance of family in a Romanian woman’s life

Romanians are often traditional and close to their families, so don’t underestimate the importance of family in their lives, even if you’re dating a self-sufficient Romanian woman. Because Romanian society is based on the family, and family connections are often strong, relatives’ opinions will be highly relevant. So, if your family likes you, you’re already halfway to winning the other’s heart.

​Never refuse food when you visit their families

You’re planning your first visit to the family of your Romanian girlfriend and don’t know what to expect? Aside from being courteous, there is one Golden Rule: never refuse food. When a Romanian welcomes you to her home, know that they took the time to arrange everything, from cleaning to cooking to dressing up, before you came. Refusing to eat is considered rude in traditional households, whereas praising the meal is always welcomed.

​Famous Romanian women

Famous Romanian women
Famous Romanian women – Elvira Popescu, Nadia Comaneci, Princess Ileana

There are some famous Romanian women who made history ranging from the 19th century until nowadays. Throughout time, Romanian women have never failed to make their country proud.

Let’s go back in time to the 19th century. In an era when women were only housewives, Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu became the first woman engineer in Europe. Following her, there is Princess Ileana, the youngest daughter of Queen Maria, who was a nurse in World War II. She lived with her family at Bran Castle – open now for visitors.

We cannot talk about famous Romanian women if we don’t mention Elvira Popescu. She was the most famous Romanian actress in the 20th century. Everyone adored her, including French people, who called her “Notre-Dame du Teatre”.

Cecilia Cutescu Storck is one of the most appreciated painters of the period. She remained until today in the hearts of art lovers. You can still admire part of her work when visiting the Storck Museum in Bucharest. She was, in fact, the first woman professor in arts, after getting her teaching degree at the University of Bucharest in 1916.

Another woman made her way up during the 20th century. Nadia Comaneci was the first woman in history who receive 10 in gymnastics during Montreal Olympics in 1976.

Ana Aslan is another famous Romanian woman. Appreciated for her discoveries in the field of slowing down the effects of the age, she set up Ana Aslan Institute and developed world-famous products, such as Aslavital and Gerovital.

Speaking of sports, Romania is also proud of Simona Halep. She is a Romanian professional tennis player who ranked World No. 1 in singles and who, at the moment we publish this post, ranks in the second position.

​Romanian women: unpredictable, dedicated, smart and beautiful, but an eternal enigma after all

This article, as we mentioned, tries to present Romanian women in a way that could reveal more about them and which could make them more appreciated by the foreigners. Still, there are many unknown facts about Romanian women than everything we might come up with in an article.

We hope all of you, our dear readers, appreciate our efforts to offer you more pieces of this huge puzzle. Thus, one can finally decipher, date, and win over the heart of a Romanian woman. In fact, they are not predictable at all. Despite everything you might think you have already learned about Romanian women, you will always be surprised by their behavior.

Treat them well, be smart and offer them the moon and the sky. Still, it might not be enough! Do you still dare winning over a Romanian woman?

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