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September 23, 2023
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Romanian Socialists Threaten with Early Elections if Ruling Coalition Breaks Up

The leader of the Romanian Social-Democratic Party – PSD, Marcel Ciolacu, announces the possibility of early elections if the ruling coalition with the Liberals does not resist. Is Romania on the verge of early elections?

PSD leader Marcel Ciolacu sent a clear message to the National Liberal Party leader, Florin Citu: if the coalition between PSD and PNL breaks, Romania will have early elections. This happens in the context of strong disagreement between the two parties following the increasing energy costs.

I inform him (Ed. Florin Citu) that if the PSD leaves the Government, we will have early elections

Marcel Ciolacu, PSD leader

In an interview offered to a local TV station, Social Democratic Party president Marcel Ciolacu highlighted the relationship between the two ruling parties. The disorder inside the coalition PSD-PNL reflects different conceptions and approaches in governing the country.

There are three years left until the elections, and we have come to power to help and bring coherence. We have brought stability, a majority, and we should use this.

Marcel Ciolacu, PSD leader

PSD leader also mentioned that the coalition is facing other problems, and the PNL leader should recognize that if PSD hadn’t been governing, Romania would’ve looked a lot worse than today.

If the ruling coalition breaks up, Romania will have to face a period of political instability amid one of the worse crises it’s have ever been through. There will be a couple of months until the elections, and no assumed political leader can afford that, let alone the Romanian people.

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