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July 16, 2024
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Romanian Royal Family Mourns Prince Philip’s Demise

Romanian Royal Family is one of the royal families in Europe who has close connections with the British Royal Family. In fact, Prince Philip and King Mihai I of Romania were cousins and they kept a close relationship from childhood until the death of King Mihai in 2017.

This is why, the Romanian Crown Custodian, Her Majesty Margareta, expressed the Romanian Royal Family’s sadness to the news of Prince Philp’s death.

The Message of the Romanian Royal Family on the Demise of Prince Philip

Her Majesty, the Romanian Crown Custodian, and the Prince Consort, along with all the other royal family members learnt with unspeakable sadness about the demise of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Prince Philip and King Mihai of Romania, both born in the same year, were cousins and kept a life-long lasting friendship.

The Duke of Edinburgh baptized Her Majesty Margareta, the Romanian Crown Custodian, and took care of her in school, high school and college. Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth were constantly present in the life of the Romanian Royal Family.

After the demise of King Mihai I, the Duke of Edinburgh was a father figure for Her Majesty Margareta of Romania. All generations in the Romanian and British Royal Families have been close, but for today’s generation, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip remain as spiritual models and fundamental sources of inspiration.

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