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March 4, 2024
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Romanian PM Replies to Russia’s Accusations of Sending Weapons to Ukraine

Romanian prime minister responded to critics of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, who accused Romania of sending military aid to Ukraine.

Recently, Russia demanded Romania to admit that it sends weapons to Ukraine, inviting Bucharest to reveal the truth about Romania’s solidarity with Ukraine.

The Romanian authorities have not officially responded to these accusations. Still, when journalists asked about the criticism Moscow brought to Romania, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca replied that Romania’s interests precede these accusations.

Regarding the criticisms of others, I want to say this much – We have a duty to assume as much as possible from the Romanian citizen, and you saw how beautifully and how well the citizens of Romania reacted when the conflict in Ukraine started. At this moment, for all of us, the most important thing is to continue to maintain this empathy and spirit of solidarity. I am convinced that everything that we will do from now on, through the measures that we take, so that the citizens are protected, the economy is protected and that we have all the actions taken so that we ensure the security and safety of the citizen, is what I think may matter more than one voice or another criticizing us today.

Nicolae Ciuca, Romanian Prime Minister

The Romanian Government is urged to “acknowledge everything” by Maria Zakharova, who asserted that the two countries’ defence ministers spoke on the phone and purportedly discussed this.

The answer of the Romanian prime minister to these accusations is quite vague. From what it seems, the Romanian officials are keeping this subject in the shadows, avoiding giving a clear, positive or negative answer regarding this situation that risks creating many controversies between Moscow and Bucharest. Nevertheless, it is a subject that Romanians want to know the answer to, remember that Romania still has the title of a democratic country.

Photo source: Romanian Government

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