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June 17, 2024
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The largest civilian building in the world was evaluated: $ 1.2 B

The Romanian Palace of Parliament, the former ”People’s House” during Ceausescu’s political regime, was re-evaluated by the Romanian authorities. The new price is $ 1.2 Billion, which is a national record.

The Palace of Parliament has 564857.73 sqm plus 239992.15 sqm of annexes. Also, the whole premises have 3346715.03 sqm.

The Palace of Parliament is the largest building in the world for civilian use and the second one in the world after Pentagon.

Do you have this hefty sum of money? Even so, don’t rush to buy it! This evaluation is only for bureaucratic purposes and the building is not for sale! Yet, the Romanian Palace of Parliament is ope for visits and you can drop by when visiting Bucharest for a unique experience.

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