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September 22, 2020
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Romanian Outsourcing Market Reached EUR 800 M in 2019

Romania is a country sought by Western companies for outsourcing purposes. The outsourcing purposes range from IT services to telecommunication or other services required by the Western clients. The American companies are the ones which outsource the most to Romania.

The dimension of the Romanian outsourcing market reached, according to reliable sources, EUR 800 million in 2019, 8% up on the year before.

The estimates show a similar increase of the demand for this year, such as the Romanian outsourcing market could reach up to EUR 1 B in 2020, which would be a record for the country.

Romania is one of the most sought after for business outsourcing services, not only for the affordable prices, but also for their quality. The medium salary in Romania, the average rent for office spaces and the local talent are some of the strong points which recommend Romania for outsourcing to Western companies.

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