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March 5, 2024
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Old Palace of Romanian National Bank Open to Visitors

The National Bank of Romania (BNR) organizes between April 18-19, 2022, between 11:00 and 18:00, “Open Days at the NBR“.

On the occasion of the 142nd anniversary of its establishment, the NBR opens to visitors the Old Palace in Bucharest, as well as regional branches and branches of the central bank in the territory. Those interested will have access to the Old Palace of the National Bank, located in the Old Center of Bucharest, with an entrance from Str. Lipscani, no. 25. The general public will have the opportunity to admire the new arrangements within the permanent exhibition of the NBR Museum, including a gold bar from the central bank reserve, as well as two temporary exhibitions: King Mihai I – 100 years since his birth (1921-2021) and Ecaterina Teodoroiu – the heroine of the First World War.

National Bank of Romania in Bucharest

Made as an imaginary foray into the life of the monarch, from childhood to old age, the exhibition 100 years since the birth of King Michael I (1921-2017) presents the marshal’s uniforms that belonged to the sovereign, folk costumes, military artefacts, coins, medals, documents, banknotes, etc. On the occasion of the launch in circulation, starting with December 1, 2021, of the 20 lei banknote, the exhibition dedicated to Ecaterina Teodoroiu brings together some of the personal items of the heroine (military uniform and scout uniform, helmet, glasses, other military effects), as well as other exhibits including the painting that Camil Ressu dedicated to her in 1917, the charity sister dress of Queen Mary, vintage photographs, etc.

Ecaterina Teodoroiu
Photo Source: NBR webiste

Visitors will also have access to information on the history, architecture and identity of the National Bank of Romania and will receive a set of promotional materials with images and brief information about the bank’s founder, Eugeniu Carada, about the Old Palace of the NBR and the history of the currency. national. Thus, on April 18-19 a.c., the general public can visit the historical headquarters of BNR, as well as the regional branches Cluj, Constanța, Dolj, Timiș and Iași and the BNR agencies from Argeș, Brașov, Bihor, Buzău, Gorj, Maramureș, Sibiu and Suceava.

Footage from the opening exhibition

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