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March 31, 2023
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Romanian MP Promises to Block Austrian and Dutch Interests in Romania if Country Is Not Accepted in Schengen

Romanian Member of Parliament Pavel Popescu published during the past weekend a strong statement on Facebook regarding the opposition faced by Romania to enter the Schengen area from Holland and Austria.

Romania made sufficient concessions to receive the much-desired Schengen area admission, however, it seems to be not sufficient enough when international interests are at stake, ever-posing obstacles and opposition at the final decision-making. The Romanian MP had enough and announced that he has no intention of following the directives about the appropriate use of diplomatic language while discussing the Schengen entry matter.

Source: Pavel Popescu official Facebook

“I refuse to consider a failure of Romania’s accession to the Schengen area by the end of the year. Or the scenario of postponement until another suitable moment. Two countries are currently opposed: the Netherlands and Austria, with the mention that the Prime Minister of the Netherlands is very agitated these days with phones to widen further the club of the two countries full of issues, who would go into instant withdrawal without the daily overdoses of Russian gas and Colombian cocaine.”

Pavel Popescu, MP of PNL party and head of the Defense Committee

Popescu stated that he would not comment on what Romania has done in the past to reach this position but that if the dispute results in Romania still not gaining access to enter the Schengen area by the end of the year, he promises to do the same thing he did with China in 2019. In the same way, he announced to prevent Chinese investments from reaching productive sectors in Romania and kept to his word, he would devote the final two years of his term to enacting laws and engaging in political action that would specifically target Austrian and Dutch businesses and interests (which are essentially Russian) that are present in Romania.

The only difference in this context, is that Popescu is not alone in this opinion and actions. Many of his parliamentary peers from his generation are prepared to join him.

”I know the two countries’ ambassadors will send this post home to headquarters, and they do well. Because it’s not a political threat, but just a firm promise that some of us, who didn’t put our hands in the “honey jar” with these companies because we love our country, are a bit fed up. P.S: I’m not accepting diplomacy tips until December 8th. I am voted politically, I am not a diplomat”.

Pavel Popescu

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