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February 3, 2023
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Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Reacts to Medvedev’s Frustrations

Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Medvedev expressed his frustrations regarding the relationship between Romania and Moldova in the context of Moldova’s accession to the European Union. Romania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ response was not late to appear.

Dmitry Medvedev stated that Moldova may join the EU indirectly by creating the “new Greater Romania.”

Moldova has entered the long queue for accession to the EU, stretched across decades. Bon voyage! But [they] want is sooner! Therefore, there is another way to obtain the EU membership: creation of a new Greater Romania (Romania Mare).

Dmitry Medvedev, Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman

According to Medvedev, Romanian politicians have long been “politically dancing in circles around Moldova.” He noted that this is happening right now.

The first joint meeting of Moldovan and Romanian parliaments was finalized by the lawmakers dancing while holding hands. It looked rather amusing. However, the consequences can be way less funny.

Dmitry Medvedev, Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman

In an official statement, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs labels these accusations as frustrations. Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared that Dimitry Medvedev’s statements are part of the Kremlin’s false rhetoric, which Romania has already become accustomed to.

This reaction indicates, in addition to a high degree of frustration, one thing for sure: the decision of the European Council to grant candidate status to the Republic of Moldova is a correct decision and represents a truly historic achievement, a reconfirmation of the European vocation and orientation of the Republic. Moldova and its citizens.

Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs official statement

Although a union with Moldova would be desired, this scenario is unlikely to happen soon, and the reasons are already highlighted by this kind of statement brought against Romania by the Kremlin.

It can be seen that the eastern part of Europe is still under the yoke of Russia, one of the reasons why Ukraine is at war is for Russia to be able to keep its buffer territories. Despite Moldova’s attempts to join the European Union, it is unknown now if this country will be accepted. Romania was “lucky” when it joined the European Union in 2007, a piece of luck that many states cannot afford. Otherwise, in the current circumstances,

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