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April 4, 2020
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Romanian Justice Day

Romanian Justice Day is a celebration of all those who make the justice system work in Romania. This day was established by the Romanian Government to be celebrated on the first Sunday of each July, respectively on the 7th this year.

Justice is a delicate topic in Romania and also regarding Romania. This country has recently been threaten by the European Union officials with the activation of the Article 7 from the European Union Treaty, meaning Romania was to lose its right to vote, because of the issues with the justice system.

There were two opinion groups formed in Romania on justice issues matters: the one who supported the social-democrats (PSD – the ruling party) idea of changing the Penal Codes by adapting them to the latest Romanian Constitutional Court’s decisions, and the other, who supported the Opposition’s idea of not changing the Penal Codes as this move would’ve help social-democratic leaders escape their own problems with the justice.

Romanian Justice Day is celebrated by the ruling party while having their former leader, Liviu Dragnea, in jail, condemned for abuse of authority. It is a delicate moment, especially that his former political colleagues try to get rid of his image in connection to the party’s.

There are still some problems with the justice in Romania. Yet, both opinion groups are partially right – on the first side, the Penal Codes have to be amended with the latest Romanian Constitutional Court’s decisions. There is no question in that. On the second side, justice doesn’t have to be subordinated by a group, by a person or by a political party.

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