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December 3, 2023
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Romanian Opposition Leader Accuses Government of Using Covid-19 Test Results for Electoral Purpose

Romanian Opposition leader, the head of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Marcel Ciolacu, accuses the Government of using the COVID-19 test results for the benefit of the governing party, Liberal National Party (PNL).

On short, he accuses the Government of presenting a certain number of tests/infected persons depending on the political interest. Thus, when PSD leader publicly declared he wouldn’t support in Parliament the extension of the isolation measures, the numbers went high. This was for putting pressure on the Opposition MPs to vote for the extension proposed by the Government.

Marcel Ciolacu stated the Government hides the true number of tests and of the infected persons and publish only numbers which suit their political needs.

The subject is not new in Romania. At the beginning of lockdown, Romanian Government refused to publish the daily numbers for different areas of the country, without any reasonable explanation. Later, it was proved that the numbers of the infected persons reached high records specifically in the urban areas controlled by local politicians of the governing party.

On top of that, Romanians are outraged by the acquisitions done during pandemic by the governing party. The prices of the medical products were so high and everything done was so outrageous that the persons responsible for the medical acquisitions asked not to be criminally prosecuted for their deeds during pandemic.

However, at the moment, the Romanian Anti-corruption Directorate investigates the whole situation.

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