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July 16, 2024
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Romanian ForMin: There Is NO Information Regarding a Russian Invasion of Moldova

Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu offered a firm reply to the information that Russia is preparing to invade the Republic of Moldova at the beginning of next year. During his official visit to Chisinau, Bogdan Aurescu mentioned he had no information regarding this scenario:

I am not commenting on a hypothetical situation, but we can see that Russia’s war in Ukraine is unsuccessful. Russia is on the defensive, and Ukraine is in a pretty good position in the theater of operations. I don’t believe in such constructions that endanger, at this moment, the Republic of Moldova. If necessary, we will discuss the measures that need to be taken. But I have no information about risks of this kind to the Republic of Moldova.

Bogdan Aurescu, Romania’s Foreign Minister, on the potential invasion of the Russian Federation of Republic of Moldova

His statement comes right after Alexandru Musteata, the Head of the Moldovan Intelligence Service – SIS, said that Russia is preparing to invade Moldova in 2023.

The question is not whether the Russian Federation will make a new offensive towards the territory of the Republic of Moldova, but when this happens: either at the beginning of the year, January, February, or later, March or April. But, from our information, the Russian Federation intends to go further. With the aim of creating a junction with the Transnistrian region, which is the territory of the Republic of Moldova, and then we can clearly say that yes, they intend to reach here, to connect. What will follow later, their intentions in relation to Chisinau, we can discuss, but this is a real and very high risk

Alexandru Musteata, Head of SIS, on the information that Russia will invade Moldova in 2023

Beyond any diplomacy, the tension in the region is visible, and the Moldovan people feel the war closer than the diplomats in Bucharest. However, if there were any potential threats to the security of Moldova, Romania would be the first to try and protect the sister country.

Recently, the Moldovan president Maia Sandu admitted Moldova had overcome all difficulties due to Romania’s help. Also, Romania is the country helping Moldova with 90% of the internal demand for gas consumption, which is only the latest of all good deeds Romania has done in favour of the neighbouring people. The historic liaison between the two now-separated territories and the same language they speak contribute to the current excellent relations between them.

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