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November 28, 2023
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Romania won two awards for its festivals at the European Festival Awards

Romania is not only one of the hidden gems in Europe for its tourist attractions, but recently has become one of the main European attractions for its summer festivals. Romanians are just getting used to this sort of fame, as most of the city dwellers are against the noise pollution they have to cope with during those days.

Still, the Romanian music festivals gather crowds of ravers, techno music lovers and party goers year after year. To nominate just a few of them, we’ll only mention Neversea, Untold, Electric Castle and Summer Well, but now new festivals are getting ready to become the main attractions of the summer, such as Saga Festival which is to be hold in Bucharest.

This year the Romanian festivals were also recognized during the 11th annual European Festival Awards which took place on January 15th 2020 at De Oosterpoort in Groningen. Here, Romania won two awards for its festivals and one prize for an organizer, namely Codruta Vulcu, who won the award for Excellence and Passion.

The two festivals awarded were Jazz in the Park, who won the award for Best Small Festival of 2019 and Electric Castle, who won the award for the Best Medium-Sized Festival of 2019. The full list of the winners can be seen here, with the two Romanian festivals opening the list.

For all of you eager to attend one of the famous Romanian festivals this year, tickets are already available.

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