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January 31, 2023
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Romanian Entrepreneur Registers Patent of Unique Mechanism for Jewellery in Switzerland

Carlette Jewellery is a jewellery brand designed and developed in Switzerland by a Romanian entrepreneur, Lavinia Lazăr. The brand brings an innovative concept to the Romanian jewellery market.

Carlette Jewellery was born at the initiative of strong women with an entrepreneurial spirit, but at the same time out of the desire to offer more sensuality to women who wear this brand of jewellery. Under the slogan “Be Sensual. Be Unforgiven. Be You”, Carlette Jewellery highlights the sensuality of women, but at the same time encourages them to discover their self-confidence and define their style.

Bracelet Carlette

Jewellery is a woman’s best friend, and we want to highlight the beauty and unique personality of each of us by adopting a simple, elegant and versatile style at the same time

Lavinia Lazăr, Creator of Carlette Jewellery

Carlette launches in Romania on March 8 to offer the ladies and gentlemen who will wear this brand of passionately executed jewellery a unique style, carefully created in Carlette’s workshops in Switzerland.

Jewelerry Lifestyle

Carlette offers a wide range of collections: earrings, chains, bracelets and of course, the “carlette” talismans, which also give the brand name, which can be matched as each person wants, to create a unique, customized style.

The refinement and simplicity of the jewellery provide elegance to both everyday and workplace outfits, as well as glam costumes. Carlette comes today to complete the brilliance, elegance, performance and personal development of women in Romania.

Lavinia Lazăr, Creator of Carlette Jewellery

The Swiss brand Carlette Jewellery at the CONAF event

Carlette sponsors Conaf Gala
Lavinia Lazăr with Camelia Potec at CONAF Gala 2022

The Swiss jewellery brand Carlette Jewellery has chosen to be present for the first time in Romania at the event organized by CONAF, Gala “Women in Economy, Beyond Borders”, on March 8 at the Romanian Athenaeum. Because “The merits of the ladies who have changed and are changing Romania must be recognized”, Carlette Jewellery sponsors the awards offered. The gesture is motivated by the conviction that it is essential to recognize the importance of women in the Romanian economy and society and the importance of business partnerships internationally.

It is no coincidence that we chose to bring the Carlette brand to the Romanian jewellery market during this major event. We believe that women everywhere should be appreciated for their contribution to the economy and society. Women are capable, and their role in society will always be significant. That is why we support this initiative of the National Confederation for Women Entrepreneurship to celebrate women, and we have chosen to launch the exclusive Carlette Jewellery brand in a context that highlights the power and entrepreneurial spirit of women.

Anca Borza, country manager for Romania of the Carlette Jewellery
Carlette at Conaf Gala
Miss Universe Romania Carmina Elena Coftas and Lavinia Lazăr at CONAF 2022

Innovation, quality and excellence in jewellery design – a unique patented mechanism

Carlette unique mechanism

The Carlette jewellery brand has developed an innovative locking mechanism patented in Switzerland and the European Union. The screwdriver system allows you to easily combine, or change a Carlette charm, to create unique jewellery. The mechanism applies to both bracelets and necklaces. We can leave the bracelet or the chain only with the essential piece if we want a simple look, or we can choose a few Carlette pieces to match as we consider and create our style according to the interior condition. The Carlette mechanism was designed in the spirit of Swiss innovation and is a symbiosis between the precision of Swiss instruments and excellence in creating simple, attractive accessories suitable for any occasion.

The jewellery is made of stainless steel plated with rhodium and rose gold. The plating is done in six layers by the PVD method to protect the metal from scratches stains, make it resistant to active solutions and perfume, and give the jewellery its specific look. In addition, faceted stones give the pieces attractiveness, delicacy and a lovely shine.

Jewellery is a woman’s most precious accessory, and we have created unique collections to complement their outfits, regardless of the time of day. Women deserve to be in the spotlight, and Carlette will help them capture everyone’s attention. When you step into a room, all eyes will be on you, and your confidence when you wear Carlette will be seen in the attitude that everyone around you will notice,

Michelle Schmidt, Carlette’s customer experience manager.

About Carlette Jewellery

Ankle jewellery from Carlette

Carlette Jewellery is a Swiss brand that brings innovation and sensuality to all women who want to enjoy jewellery worn on any occasion.

Carlette Jewellery is driven by a desire to create beautiful things. It is gaining popularity worldwide because of the variety of combinations that can be made thanks to the one-of-a-kind, inventive mechanism. Carlette Jewellery collaborates with online clothing stores to complement the existing offer and customer loyalty by offering elegant, versatile and high-quality accessories.

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