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October 1, 2023
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Romanian Diplomacy Celebrates the 160th Anniversary

Romanian diplomacy celebrates the 160th anniversary of the establishment, on July 27/August 8, 1862, of the Department of Foreign and State Affairs.

On the 160th anniversary of Romanian diplomacy, Romanian political leaders sent several messages to represent July 27 as the progress of Romanian foreign affairs throughout history.

Therefore, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bogdan Aurescu expressed their gratitude for the evolution of Romanian diplomacy and for appreciating Romania’s diplomatic efforts in the current context.

In the current context, marked by profound transformations, the MFA aims to identify opportunities, strengthen alliances, promote democracy, stability and security, respect for a rules-based international order and effective multilateralism. Effective diplomacy cannot be achieved without a strong Ministry of Foreign Affairs, united around a clear mission and supported by a body of dedicated professionals. Their performance remains valuable not only by implementing the direct mandate of the MFA but also by putting diplomatic expertise at the service of other parts of the Romanian central administration.

Nicolae Ciuca, Romanian Prime Minister

Bogdan Aurescu mentioned that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been in operation for 160 years and has also seen challenging times, including the War of Independence, the Balkan Wars, the two World Wars, the fascist and communist dictatorships, and the pressing issues of today.

Looking back in history, we realize that the appearance of a modern institution dedicated to diplomacy, as well as the regulation and management of the external relations of the young State, in 1862, boosted the efforts of political emancipation and the acquisition of a well-defined international profile, which would impose Romania as an independent and sovereign state. An essential component of the Romanian foreign policy was, at that time, the encouragement of pragmatic and courageous diplomacy oriented towards the achievement of the fundamental objectives of the Romanian nation.

Bogdan Aurescu, Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs

The minister highlights that the war in Ukraine is a significant test of mutual commitments based on solidarity and concrete action, in this sense, the firm European and Euro-Atlantic response is based on the same values ​​that guide the entire Ministry of Foreign Affairs activity.

The Department of Foreign Affairs, the precursor of today’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was established on July 27/August 8, 1862, by Decree of Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza, published in “Monitorul, the official Journal of the United Principality”. Apostol Arsache was in office, as minister of the new state, between January 22, 1862 and June 24, 1862. Romania’s next minister of foreign affairs, leading the Department of Foreign Affairs between June 24 and September 29, 1862, was Alexandru Cantacuzino.

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