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March 31, 2023
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Romanian Defense Minister Resigns One Day before Romanian Army Day

Vasile Dîncu, the Romanian Defense Minister and holder of the defence portfolio, announced his resignation today 24th October 2022. This announcement was made one day before the annual Romanian Army Day celebration, indicating the emblematic day of 25 October 1944 that symbolizes the liberation and reunification of the Romanian territory during the second world war. This indicates the subliminal messages of the reasons why the deputy took this decision and the honourable moment in which he decided to take this action.

Dispute background

One week ago, Vasile Dîncu, went to the Victoria Palace in Brussels to discuss with Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă, on his demand together with Romanian President, Klaus Iohannis. The discussions would be regarding Dîncu’s statements concerning the peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia to reach a faster end to the war. The meeting of the NATO defence ministers in Brussels and the adequacy of government communication at the level of the Ministry of Defense were the subjects of discussion

“The war will continue and the only chance that Ukraine could have, especially towards the end of the war, the only chance for peace may be negotiation with Russia. Of course, it is a complex negotiation, an international negotiation. The countries of the world, NATO, and the United States should negotiate for Ukraine security guarantees and a sense of secure peace with Russia.[…] Ukraine alone will not be able to negotiate with Russia because the political class in Ukraine, at this moment, cannot afford to assume the loss of territories, an unjust loss after all”.

Vasile Dîncu, Romanian Defenece Minister

Dîncu’s claims that the negotiations are the only option to put an end to the war in Ukraine sparked strong reactions on the political landscape. To his disappointment, the Romanian President responded that everyone must recognize and accept that Ukrainians are the ones who have to pay the blood price in this war and that only Ukraine should be concerned with deciding what, how, and when to negotiate.

Conference unfolding

As a result of the Brussels conference, the Defence Ministry wrote a letter to the Romanian Prime Minister, Nicolae Ciucă:

"To the Prime Minister of the Government of Romania
Nicolae - Ionel Ciucă 
The undersigned Vasile Dîncu, member of the Government of Romania, and holder of the defence portfolio of Romania, please take note of my resignation from this position.
I justify my gesture from the perspective of the impossibility of collaboration with the President of Romania, the supreme commander of the Army. I consider it necessary to withdraw from this position in order not to prejudice in any way the decision-making processes and programs that require fluidity along the entire chain of command and not to block a series of projects absolutely necessary for the optimal functioning of the Ministry of National Defense and the Romanian Army.
Mr. Prime Minister, I thank you for the honest collaboration and openness you have shown throughout the joint governmental activity, and I assure you of my full support for all the projects and programs of the Ministry and the Romanian Army, as a senator, member of the Romanian Parliament.
Vasile DÎNCU
Bucharest, October 24, 2022".

*Photo source: News Bucuresti

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