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December 7, 2023
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Romanian Bitcoin Billionaire Reportedly Found Dead in Costa Rica

Romanian Bitcoin (BTC) billionaire Mircea Popescu is reported to have been found dead in Costa Rica. The Costa Rican press mentions his death as his body was found on the shores. However, the nationality of the man was reported to be Polish.

Mircea Popescu was famous for being one of the early adopters and one of the most conservatives regarding the BTC. He advocated the BTC remain as it is, without any improvements or alterations.

He is also famous for being the only man in the world to have got 1 million BTC. This information was not verified for a fact by third parties, but it was largely known among the Bitcoin adopters.

The cause of the death is not known yet, but the Costa Rican media reported “the man had drowned” and had no vital signs when the paramedics from Costa Rica Red Cross arrived on the scene.

No news yet regarding what happens with the BTC which he owned.

To be updated.

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