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June 17, 2024
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Romania Eager to Recruit More than 4,000 Soldiers following Russia’s Attacks near Border

Romania’s Ministry of Defence announces on its website the intention of recruiting more than 4,000 soldiers to fill in the gaps in the army. This happens amid tensions near the border with Ukraine as Russia increases its attacks on Ukrainian Danube ports.

Complete list of general recruitment conditions and criteria:

  • to have Romanian citizenship and permanent residence in Romania;
  • to be between 18 years of age on the date of the start of the training program, and no more than 45 years of age on the date of completion of the training program;
  • to be graduates of at least the first two years of higher secondary education, under the conditions provided by the National Education Law no. 1/2011, with subsequent amendments and additions;
  • to possess a valid car driving license, categories B and C – candidates who opt for the “car” weapon and/or for the military specialties that require the driving of the specific car technique from the “genius” weapon;
  • to declare in writing that, at the start of the training program, he renounces the rank previously acquired as a term military, contract military, professional graded or voluntary graded, or, as the case may be, the grade acquired after completing at least one year of studies for the training of military cadres within military educational institutions/units, if the respective studies have not been completed;
  • to be post-secondary or university education graduates with a specialized license, with a certificate/diploma of graduation from the educational institution – candidates who opt for the profession of soldier/professional graduate in the “aviation” weapon, the military specialty “flight attendant – paramedic”.
  • to be declared “Admitted” to the selection tests that take place in the regional selection and orientation centers or in and which consist of the psychological assessment (aptitude test and personality questionnaire), motor capacity assessment (utility-applicative route and resistance running ) and the final evaluation interview;
  • to be declared “Fit” at the medical examination that takes place in the health units of the Ministry of National Defense;
  • to be declared “Fit” for the specific medical examination and/or psychological assessment of special skills that will be completed only by candidates for the military specialty “special operations forces”, “divers”, by those who will carry out activities that require boarding or obtaining driver’s license/license.

Precisely, 4159 positions are open in 34 counties and the City of Bucharest.

The Romanian Army is amid a media scandal. Local platform Recorder published an ample investigation regarding the army’s status, and the conclusions are disastrous for the military personnel. Antique trucks which don’t work, humiliating discussions with superiors, and a tendency for the personnel to quit the forces define all structures within the Romanian Army.

Will this recruitment announcement have success in attracting proper candidates? It seems that the attraction for the military structures faded in Romania. Not only are the current staff considering quitting, following the war in proximity and the uncertainty regarding their future, as the Government intends to change special pensions law, but also the interest in military schools has dropped lately.

While in NATO and increasing the defence budget, Romania still has to consider the problems with the military personnel, which the Army commanders want to address now.

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