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December 3, 2023
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Former Moldovan DefMin: Romania Installs Modern Anti-Missile Radar Systems in Moldova

Anatol Salaru, the former Moldovan Defense Minister, offered surprising information to the Moldovan journalists. He told the press that Romania is installing modern anti-missile radar systems in the Republic of Moldova to protect the sister country from any missile attack.

The information is not confirmed by independent sources or verified by any other third-party sources but hasn’t been denied by the Romanian or Moldovan Governments.

Very modern, powerful radars are now being installed, which will be integrated into the entire Romanian system and, probably, into the Ukrainian one. Until now, there is no other possibility to deploy air defense systems like Patriot in Moldova, but there are seven such complexes in Romania. Suppose these radars are integrated into a common system, and an agreement is signed with the government of the Republic of Moldova. In that case, it will be possible to shoot down all the missiles that will fly towards Moldova.

Anatol Salaru cited by stiri.md

This statement will undoubtedly have some echoes from Moscow, as, if this is confirmed, it means that a NATO country is installing military equipment in an area closer to Russian territory than ever before. Also, the former Defense Minister implied that Romania could fire Patriot rockets at any missile targeting Moldova.

Russia has already implied that the anti-missile shield in Deveselu, Southern Romania, could be a legitimate target in a complex scenario. Russian officials also implied that Romania’s anti-missile shield on its territory has offensive capabilities.

What will be the Russian reaction to such statements? Nobody can predict, but we bet such actions from Romania or any other country won’t be received well in Moscow, significantly if the military equipment can help Ukraine defend its airspace.

No official Romanian source has yet confirmed this information.

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