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January 24, 2022
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Romanian Active Population is less than Half of Total Population

Less than half of the total population in Romania is active. According to the data gathered by the Romanian National Institute of Statistics, the active population in Romania is 8.9 million, from a total of 19 million.

Even so, from these 8.9 million, only 7.79 million have an occupation, while 436,000 are jobless.

The unemployment rate is growing in Romania, and many active people are looking for jobs abroad. According to statistics, 3.5 million people are working abroad.

ÎIn Italy, 1.1 million Romanians working there contributed to the GDP of that country with 15 billion EUR.

Vladimir Alexandrescu, speaker of the National Institute for Statistics

Too many people left Romania, some for good, searching for better jobs and better places to live. Some will return home. Hopefully, they will do it sooner than later. From this perspective, the Romanian authorities did almost nothing to support those who decided to return to the country. This is one of the reasons why very few come back.

The problem of the country is obvious. While less than half the population is working, there is no balance between the active and the pensioners. Fewer and fewer working people have to support those who did their duty and have pensions. The pressure on the pension system is growing higher each year, and the system could collapse.

Earlier this year, the minister of Labour in Romania declared something which the officials are trying to hide: they took the money from allotments to pay the pensions. Even though the authorities later denied this, some truth lies behind this statement. It is a fact: pensions are hard to pay in a country where the active population diminishes yearly, and the statistics prove this once again.

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