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April 21, 2024
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Who Is the Romanian Who Collaborates with Killnet (Local Press)

According to local sources, Romanian Ioan Feher translated from Russian into Romanian materials promoted by the pro-Russian group and indicated the Romanian sites that could have been attacked. Authorities in the UK searched the Romanian’s home and arrested him.

Ioan Feher, a Romanian living in the United Kingdom, is suspected of collaborating with the Russian Killnet hackers group, which has carried out DDoS assaults on the websites of the Romanian government, the Ministry of National Defense, the Romanian Police, as well as airports, and Digi24 television. The Russian group’s attacks occurred during the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Since April April 29, a large-scale cyberattack was launched against Romanian government institutions. The websites of the Romanian government, the Ministry of National Defense, Romanian Railways (CFR), and the Romanian Border Police were all targeted.

The attack on the Romanian Institutes’ websites was claimed by Killnet, a Russian cyber hacker outfit. Killnet has vowed to conduct cyber operations against countries and organisations that have provided Ukraine with material assistance.

Cyber attacks on Romanian sites have prompted the formation of a crisis cell made up of experts from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Directorate General of Internal Protection, the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police, and other defence structures and institutions to protect public and national security.

After the investigations, Bucharest officials found the Romanian living in the United Kingdom who reportedly worked with the Killnet gang. According to a press statement from the Romanian Police, the Romanian supplied “help for the translation from Russian into Romanian of the criminal group’s documents and by indicating several Romanian websites that could have been attacked using the same style of operation.”

According to the authorities, the Romanian citizen is currently in the custody of the British authorities.

Meanwhile, Killnet sent a message on the Telegram stating that the Romanian Ioan Feher supported the group of hackers. He threatens that the group will “destroy Romania, Great Britain and Moldova if he is not released”.

Leave him alone. If he supports Russia, it does not mean that he is a criminal. If it is not released within 48 hours, we will destroy Romania, Great Britain and Moldova. We will destroy the entire information structure and the Ministry of Health. You will realize that you made a mistake.

Killnet communication on Telegram

Cyberint’s director, Anton Rog, told a local TV station that SRI has evidence of a higher number of Romanians operating for the pro-Russian hacker group Killnet.

Next to this category are Romanians who designate targets and, if they don’t, make comments in favour of Russia, against Romania, against Europe, against NATO, against Ukraine, and against the Romanian government.

Anton Rog, Cyberint CEO

Several hacking attacks on Romanian institutions’ websites have occurred in recent days. Romanian officials allege that these attacks are motivated by Romania’s backing of Ukraine during the Russian Federation’s invasion of the country.

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