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June 2, 2023
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Romania Must Pay EUR 6 Million to Enter OECD

The cost of Romania’s Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) membership will be close to EUR 6 million, which must be paid in the upcoming months.

Until the start of 2023, the Romanian government will have to pay an estimated EUR 5.8 million in costs related to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development procedure (OECD). In other words, for Romania to receive OECD support, it must pay millions first.

A ‘key’ foreign policy goal that received the support of all parties in Romania was the country’s membership in the OECD. The OECD received Romania’s formal application for membership in April 2004, after which it was reaffirmed multiple times.

The purpose of the OECD is to identify, disseminate, and assess the implementation of appropriate public policies to achieve sustained economic growth and social stability. The 38 members of the OECD are developed nations and account for 90% of worldwide foreign direct investment and more than 70% of global output and trade.

Photo source: OECD facebook

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