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January 28, 2023
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Romania Drafts Law for Army to Be Coordinated by NATO during ‘State of Crisis’

Considering the current context at the border with Ukraine, Romania’s Government is preparing to consider imposing the state of crisis on the Romanian territory right after it dropped the state of alert.

According to the law’s initiators, the state of crisis refers to security and national defence decisions. During the state of crisis, the Ministry of National Defense structures and the Romanian Army could be subordinated to the foreign armed forces stationed on the Romanian territory or to the NATO commands.

This is already the most controversial article of the project and others that refer to the compulsory military service in Romania during the state of crisis. The military service in Romania has been suspended since 2007, but the complicated situation at the border brings it back to the political agenda.

The definition of the situation that leads to a state of crisis is also vague, raising suspicions among Romanian MPs. They told the local media that this draft could lead to abuse as the law allows the Army to commandeer anything to help the efforts.

A crisis in the field of national security and defence means the situation in which the company faces great difficulties generated by the occurrence of one or more incidents on the national territory, at the regional or international level, or by threats, risks and vulnerabilities that are serious. disturbed or threatened living conditions, health and the environment, property, political, economic or social stability, public order, security and national defence, as well as other constitutional values ​​that require the adoption of specific measures through the joint action of the Romanian state authorities and institutions. removing the causes, managing the effects and returning to normal.

Project Law for State of Crisis in Romania

On the Minister of Defense, the state of the crisis must be accepted by the Prime Minister and implemented by a resolution of the Romanian Supreme Council of National Defense (CSAT).

A government meeting was convened this week to manage the situation created by Russian military action in Ukraine. After the meeting, no solid conclusion was issued, but only that the project discussed is drafted, not final.

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