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May 23, 2024
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Romania Stands With Israel

Romania stands with Israel. Supporting and solidarity messages were sent from the Presidency and Government. Also, as mentioned by Israel’s ambassador to Bucharest during an interview for the local media, Romanian authorities from all levels were in contact with their counterparts in Israel.

Romania’s President Klaus Johannis posted this message on X:

Romania strongly condemns this morning’s rocket attacks against Israel. We stand in full solidarity with Israel in these terrible moments. Our thoughts are with the families of victims and with those who are under fire.

Klaus Johannis on Hamas attacks on Israel

Also, Romania’s PM Marcel Ciolacu condemned the attacks on Israel:

Terrible news coming from Israel this morning. We stand in full solidarity with Israel and condemn the rocket attacks against Israel. We send our condolences to the families and ask for these attacks to immediately stop.

Romania’s PM Marcel Ciolacu on the war in Israel

Images on social media, with hundreds of Israelis and other nationalities among the victims, horrified the viewers and strengthened their support for the state of Israel.

Meanwhile, Romania doubled the flights to Israel during the night to bring home a few hundred nationals on pilgrimage or vacation.

The attacks on Israel surprised the international community, and many political and military pundits tried to explain how it was possible for a country with security so tight as Israel, let alone the famous intelligence agencies, to be surprised by an attack at this scale.

Israel has a certain fame when defending its territory, and there is little doubt the country will win this war. Yet, the scale of Hamas military operations, with thousands of rockets fired by Hamas onto the Israelian cities, tells the international community that this would be different.

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