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April 19, 2024
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Romania on 2nd by European Funds Absorption

Romania has reached 2nd place in the European Union from the perspective of the nominal value of the absorption of European funds on the Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 programs, the Minister for the European Funds announced on Friday, February 16.

At this moment, Romania received over 23.112 billion euros of the amounts requested from the European Commission for the 2014-2020 financial year, reaching a percentage of 96%.

Currently, expenditure declarations of around 600 million euros are being sent to the European Commission for reimbursement, and for March, the Romanian Government estimates the transmission of expenditure declarations of another 600 million euros.

Up to this moment, Romania has collected 22.846 billion euros from the final allocation of 24.071 billion euros received under the Cohesion Policy from the financial year 2014-2020, thus reaching an absorption rate of 95% of the final allocation.

At the same time, in the analysis of the European Commission, there are requests for reimbursement of expenses of another 879.1 million euros, representing statements of expenses submitted in January and February 2024.

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