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July 12, 2024
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Romania Says NO to Chinese 5G Technology

Exactly 1 year ago, the Romanian president Klaus Iohannis expressed his concerns regarding the companies to take part in the 5G tender in Romania.

Some of us are not worried enough. (…) They do not realize what is actually happening. I think we will have to discuss in The Supreme Council of National Defence, too.

Romanian president Klaus Iohannis, August 2019

His statements came right before his official visit to the USA from August 2019, where the 5G technology was an important subject to be discussed.

The American president, Donald Trump, warned his European partners to forbid the Chinese company Huawei, the world leader in 5G technologies, from taking part in the tenders for 5G technologies.

On Wednesday, August 12, Klaus Iohannis clearly expressed his opinion once again:

Romania’s position is exactly the same position expressed in the memorandum signed last year when I paid the official visit to president Trump. We want secure networks which are not controlled by other states with other goals than the ones they officially declared, and we also want networks which fulfill the needs of both the Romanian citizens and of our companies.

Romanian president Klaus Iohannis, August 2020

Though Iohannis hasn’t named companies or countries, everybody understood that Huawei or any Chinese companies are no longer welcomed to the Romanian tender for implementing the 5G technology. The tender was postponed in October 2019 for Q1 2020, but this year in March it was postponed once again for Q4 2020.

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