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April 19, 2024
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Romania Ranks Last in EU Regarding Companies with Online Sales

Romania ranks last in the EU regarding the number of companies with online sales. This is the conclusion of the last Eurostat report on e-commerce in the EU.

The percentage of enterprises engaging in online sales among the EU countries varied considerably. The highest shares were recorded in Lithuania (38.9%), Sweden (38.1%) and Denmark (36.7%). In contrast, the lowest shares were recorded in Romania (12.9%), followed by Luxembourg (13.4%) and Bulgaria (15.1%).

Despite solid growth of the Romanian e-commerce market, the country is the last in the EU in terms of companies selling online. According to TUYA Digital, the Romanian e-commerce market reached the threshold of EUR 6.3 billion at the end of 2022, slightly higher than the value recorded in 2021 (EUR 6.2 billion), according to the estimates of GPeC, ARMO and other local main stakeholders.

In 2022, 22.9% of EU enterprises conducted online sales, which was 0.1 percentage point (pp) higher compared with 2021 (22.8%) and 6.5 pp higher compared with 2012 (16.4%). 

The share of enterprises conducting online sales varied significantly depending on the size of the enterprises. In 2022, 45.9% of large enterprises in the EU conducted online sales and 30.2% of medium-sized enterprises. By contrast, 20.8% of small enterprises were engaged in online sales in 2022.

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